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Returning to our normal programming, here’s a picture of what happens when showing off with a R/C Truck and landing upside down on concrete from a 3 foot jump:

Yup.  A big giant crack in the rear suspension mount.  Again nothing that a $5 spare won’t fix, but still a bit annoying.  I think I throttled back a but much after the jump, but then again it was a curb not really designed to be jumped, so the back probably got kicked over by the shape of the launch ramp.

Wider shot here:


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  1. Did you get the exhaust back together as well. Cool R/C car I must say, and it did do a cartwheel before coming to rest didn’t it?

    I guess one advantage of plastic suspension (apart from cheap replacements) is that it’s likely to fail in one place and protect the rest of the components. Whereas a more rigid metal suspension would bend/buckle and transfer force all over the show? Maybe? I dunno.

  2. Yeah the exhaust is fine. Using another silly little zip-tie, but I’ll get some bigger ones when I go in to pick up the replacement part tomorrow.

    Funny… this is the second time that a minor breakage has hidden something more major. I thought “ah no problem just a loose exhaust”, and was getting all ready to go out to the track with Ollie, before realising that the reason I couldn’t get the shell back on was because the body mount was about half an inch from where it should be 🙂

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