Another test of Live Writer

If I recall correctly, last time I tested Windows Live Writer, it totally didn’t work.  No title came through, and the post was dated 1/1/1970 or some such strangeness.  Let’s see if it works this time.

Wowsers!  It works perfectly.  I wonder if editing will work?  Yup, no problems there, and now for the piece of resistance, an image!

My god, that really is quite stunning.  The image is thumbnailed with a sexy drop-shadow, aligned, and linked to the original with ZERO input from myself.  Even the upload worked seamlessly.  I haven’t made any ftp settings whatsoever, so I presume it’s using the XML-RPC calls to upload the images.

The other thing you’re not seeing is that Live Writer has detected my css templates, and is using them to format the post as I assemble it, so I can get a reasonable view of what the post will look like in its final form.  There’s even a preview option that shows the post in the entire website, and a raw HTML view. 


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