Why is it so Difficult?

A famous blogger discovers the obvious. Yes, Writely “supports” the Metaweblog API, as people have been discovering over the past week. I put “supports” in quotes because the support sucks.

Why is it so hard? Even Dave’s hastily hacked together mobile blogging tool makes a correct post to my WordPress blog, but Writely drops the title, and Word 2007 dates the post as 1/1/1970 or somewhere equally ancient. Surely the API can’t be that badly written that two giants screw it up (yes they are both betas, but puh-leese)? And if the API is defined in such a broken manner, who is to blame?

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  1. What’s going on with this! I just started using Writely to blog (to Dev Dawn, a WordPress blog), thinking it would be an awesome little tool to add to the utility belt .. but it doesn’t transfer the Title across.

    Trying to find any info on this yields not much at all. Your blog was of the first pages on the search list.

    That the Title doesn’t come across, using Moveable Type, is bizarre.

    Do you have any further info on this?

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