PS3, Thy Name is Gigant0r

PS3 squashing an XBox 360Wow. That poor little XBox 360 is being squashed by the giant behemoth of a PS3. I never thought I’d be saying that. Here’s hoping that the PS3 has its power converter built in, because if users have to stow a giant power brick as well as this mega-console, Sony is going to get some serious anti-hype when this comes out. Seriously, I think they would have been better to make it into a sleek-looking VCR-sized device, rather than a giant Foreman grill. It will be impossible to store in your entertainment cabinet.

I can’t wait to see the web comics.

[via the new and interesting CrunchGear]

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  1. There is NO way that thing has an external power supply. The original release Sony console products have *never* had an external power supply, only their later ‘mini’ or ‘slim’ versions.

    The original Playstation and the PS2 have simply ‘jug cords’ supplied. The PSOne and the PS2 ‘slim’ devices have external power supplies.

  2. In fact I’ll wager if you take the motherf*cking huge brick of a power supply you get with the XBox 360 and laid it next to said XBox 360 and THEN laid the PS3 on top (where it rightly belongs) you’ll find they’re roughly the same size.

    Naturally I reserve my comments about the case design 😐

  3. Fair cop regarding the XBox power supply (with integrated fan no less), but I’d put good money on the PS3 having an external power supply.

  4. Surely that isn’t the final design? please god let that not be the final design!

    I know the bottom line is really about ease of use, performance and game support but how did they come up with a deisgn uglier than my $79.99 DVD player from The Warehouse?

    Surely no focus group from the country of the worlds most cutting edge style (Japan) gave that thing a thumbs up…

    Sony must be starting to feel the pressure…

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