Football Glory

Soccer BallDespite being a fat bastard and not really playing a lot of sport, I’ve always had a competitive sporting streak. I played football (soccer) briefly in secondary school, my reasoning being that it was less violent than rugby, and had fewer flying projectiles than field hockey or cricket.

So it was that I jumped at the chance to join the inter-departmental indoor soccer league here at Datacom. Today’s match ended in glory for the team representing the Microsoft development department, with a 3-1 win over Datacom Employer Services. I had a personal moment of Kung-Fu football Zen, when I received a well-placed cross ball from our linch-pin (an extremely fit multisport athelete) and toed it in from 5 metres. Time slowed down as the ball sailed past the keeper. I can see how Beckham does it now: everything happens in slow-mo 😉

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