Microsoft’s “iPod Killer”

There has been a lot of buzz recently about a rumoured Microsoft portable media/game/wifi device. A lot of pundits are labelling it an iPod Killer.

Can I just say that there’s no point comparing any media player that Microsoft may or may not produce with the iPod. Regardless of what Microsoft is trying to ‘kill’, they will have no problem in killing the product themselves.

They will create a hardware platform that is fantastic, open, and fast; with full wifi connectivity, bluetooth wireless headphones, VOIP capability, huge storage, and a killer input system.

Then they will load it with DRM, Passport(tm) authentication, proprietary codecs, no podcasting or RSS capability, and a crappy user interface, and even attempt to sell it for fifty bucks. It will die a silent, lonely death.

And I am not a troll. I rely on developing .NET applications to feed my family. I do not hate Microsoft. I just know that a leopard cannot change its spots without the intervention of a benevolent geneticist.

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  1. Did u hear Microsoft to launch “iPod killer” 🙁
    I bet you saw such headlines during past few months, but one of the world’s most influent media, Reuters, reported again on rumors that Microsoft is preparing its own device that would attack the market currently owned by Apple.

    You might call it “iPod killer”, but according to Reuters, Microsoft’s device should be able to play music / video files and allow users to download new content by using wireless connection. It is unknown which type of wireless connection would be used, but if Microsoft could pull decent hardware features with user-friendly software, they might have a winner.

    According to the same source, Microsoft should release its device by the end of year, during holiday season. What are the features you are looking for in a new digital players?

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