Logitech Cordless Desktop MX5000 – now with Review

Update: A conversation jogged my memory about the Logitech Pile’o’Crap MX5000. I actually purchased one of these puppies after getting excited about the integrated LCD. I have since sold it, and have to say it rates a poorly 2/10 on my gadget-o-meter.

Here’s a brief review:
It’s a keyboard right? Keyboards are meant to submit text to a computer. So when a keyboard occasionally fails to send text, I call that a Bad Thing. Also the driver for the LCD display is buggy and slow. It would often consume 5-10% of my CPU, and would regularly crash when trying to display new IM messages on the LCD. I could never, ever get the Email alert integration working with Outlook 2003.
The slidey volume controls on the left hand side: looking at them you’d think they were 100% scale, e.g. the bottom of the slider is mute, and the top is full volume right? No. If you slide your finger through the full range of the volume slider, it would change the on-screen volume widget maybe 15%. So to increase the volume from mute to 50%, you would have to slide your finger up the volume control 4 or 5 times. Craptacular!
Selecting a playlist and starting music playback took maybe 5-6 presses of the fiddly little LCD menu keys. No thanks. I can pop Windows Media and start a playlist in 2 mouse clicks.

Original Post:
The new Logitech Cordless Desktop MX500 Laser is one hell of a mouthful of a product name, but the specs match up with the hype. With an integrated LCD, media controls, and a laser mouse, this thing looks like my next keyboard.
Logitech Cordless Desktop MX5000
Logitech says:


The LCD screen can display e-mail and instant message (IM) notifications, favorite playlists and Internet radio stations. And by displaying certain information on the LCD ? such as the status of the caps lock and F lock keys, volume levels and mute ? the keyboard also alleviates visual clutter that would ordinarily be displayed on the computer monitor.


And of course it has a fricken laser in it.

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  1. I dunno dude, maybe you just got a bad keyboard. I love the shit outta mine, works great with my home entertainment center setup, with my computer running through my tv and whatnot. I have 0 complaints about this, besides the one volume thing you mentioned, but that doesn’t even work properly with my computer, so I don’t really care. Plus, my computers sound is run through a reciever, it’s easier to just use that remote.

    You negliected to point out the good things, such as the song controls that will mate with just about any program you use, the one touch access to just about whatever you need, and the fairly reliable USB connection. I’ve found the mouse comes disconnected maybe once every two weeks and that takes all of 15 seconds to fix. What else? Oh, the bult in calculator is awesome, can’t forget that.

    I dunno what I’m forgetting, but I’m definitely happy with mine.

  2. Well Larry you must be lucky- because 90% of MX5000 owners want to back over them. What a piece of crap. I’m running without all the crappy logitech drivers and it still hangs up. Even better was their “fix” for the keyboard lag- adjust the windows multiple key entry to sloooow. The touch pad is useless. The mouse equally so. The keyboard has discoonecte once already just writing this. I’d like to ram this thing up the designers butt. I’ve sent a snail mail to Logitech demanding a refund as they stopped answering my support requests via email as soon as I started hinting I wanted my money back.

    On a scale of 1 t0 10 on the Pile’ocrapometer this thing gets a minus 100

  3. To me, the name Logitech brings back nostalgic memories of gamepads and joysticks, and of course, keyboards and mice it is the top brand. Their product is really out of the world and extremely stylish, as it's latest venture.

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