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List of shops not to rob with a machete:

  • Gun shops.
  • ummmmm


Machete-wielding man shot at gun shop
By Elizabeth Binning

A man wielding a machete has been shot at a gun shop in Auckland this morning.
The shooting happened at SAI Guns and Ammo in Penrose at about 10am.
The 19-year-old man entered the shop at 553 Great South Road, on the corner with Walls Road, carrying a machete.
He was shot in the stomach by one of the people inside using a handgun.
The Ambulance Service said the 19-year-old had serious injuries. He was taken to Auckland City Hospital where he was conscious on arrival and was undergoing surgery this morning.


Scene-setting information: guns are rare in New Zealand, and hand guns moreso. There are maybe 4 gun shops across the wider Auckland area, home to 1 million plus people.

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  1. Later reports stated that he wanted to get a gun to “top” himself. He can’t be too stupid, either way he was going to get shot. Sad though.

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