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XFX 7900GTI’ve just thrown down for a new graphics card: the XFX NVidia 7900GT, and it rocks. I was tossing around the idea of a cheaper upgrade – expanding my current 6600GT to a dual 6600GT SLI setup – but was swayed by the excellent benchmarks and overclockability of the 7900GT. It saddens me that I’ve never made use of the SLI option on my motherboard, but it seems that the brief reign of SLI is quickly being overtaken by advances in individual cards, in exactly the same way that 3DFX’s original SLI was relegated way back in the day.

In other graphics news, CPU maker AMD is buying graphics powerhouse ATI. No idea what this means for gamers, but the results could range from small changes like ATI using AMD fabs, justifying more investment in new processes from AMD, through to tighter graphics-CPU integration, right the way up to crazy ideas like integrating graphics onto the CPU die. Hell if AMD can do quad-core, then there’s plenty of room for a dual-core CPU and dual-SLI graphics all on the one die. Great for notebooks, but would the marketing team let the techs kill video card sales?

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  1. Hell man, SLI cards with Quad core GPU’s with some kind of Voodoo Hoodoo SLI between the PCI-E and the CPU (which is a quad core + video card dealy) as well…

    Future nerdgasm?

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