Google Maps NZ Satellite Images Updated

Google maps was already quite addictive, but now they’ve updated their satellite images of New Zealand. What was previously an unidentified blur, is now lovely and clear. Check out some interesting images:


  • An earthmover spreading new sand over Kohimarama beach. This project was finished late last year, so the image must be from early southern summer 2005. At the very top-left of the image you can see them building a new artificial reef to contain the sand. If you pan north you can see the barge from which they pumped sand up onto the beach.
  • Some lucky sod waterskiing on Orakei basin. Look further back in the wake: you can see the swooshes from where the skier was doing a slalom. Update: oops the satellite images have been updated again, the skiier is gone!
  • The Auckland War Memorial Museum, perched on a hill overlooking Auckland city. Work has started recently on a huge domed glass atrium to fill the U-shaped void at the south side of the building.


  • The ‘Beehive’. Home of the offices for most of New Zealand’s government. The house actually sits in Parliament House, the building directly north of the round beehive-esque office block.
  • Hey, this looks to be an interisland ferry, the main road and rail link for the North and South Islands, that runs between Wellington and Picton (bah not all areas have high-res yet)!



  • Continuing the geometric theme, we have the originally named “The Octagon” in Dunedin.


  • Cape Reinga lighthouse: the ‘spiritual’ northernmost point of New Zealand. If you look at the map, the physical northernmost point is across to the east a little way, but the lighthouse at Cape Reinga is the most readily accessible area, and quite often referred to as New Zealand’s northernmost point.
  • Pauanui Waterways. Holiday resort of the idle- and most likely nouveau-rich. The old-money is more likely to head for the Bay of Islands.
  • Mount Ruapehu’s crater lake. Mt Ruapehu is the big-ol’ active volcano that everyone in the North Island loves to go skiing on. Prone to the odd belch of ash and lava, Ruapehu is pictured here in high summer, as evidenced by the barren learner slopes further down the mountain.

There are a billion other interesting spots in New Zealand. I could spend hours pointing them out!

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