iPowerWeb Sucks

Update: Because this post is attracting a few hits from the obvious search term, I thought I’d post a little followup. Since I left iPowerWeb about 9 months ago, I have been exceptionally happy with A Small Orange. Sure they’ve had the odd glitch (2 that I can think of), but they are always resolved quickly and easily. The forums are massively helpful, and my request for SSH access yesterday was actioned inside of 5 minutes.

Additionally, NameCheap.com are a fast, easy, simple domain name provider. They offer easy access to all aspects of domain and DNS management, and my name transfers went very smoothly. Summary: A Small Orange and NameCheap.com are a perfect replacement for iPowerWeb, who suck.

IPowerWeb are decidedly crappy web hosts. Stay away from them if you can. My account with them was suspended due to ‘malicious activity’, and after waiting 23 hours for a response to they question of “Why?” they simply said that file and directory security was the responsibility of the user.

They refused to inform me of what the malicious activity was, where it originated from, and what could be done to stop it. The site is simply running the latest release of WordPress, so if there is a security hole in WordPress (which I doubt) then I guess that’s something I can’t control.

On the upside, I have stumbled across A Small Orange, who in the 12 hours or so I have been with them have been most helpful. The main decider for me is the fact that they actually have an open user forum, which allows anonymous posts, which is as close to begging for abuse as you can get. However there seem to be a decidedly small number of user complaints – a Good Thing in my book.

Anyway, I’m working on getting the old database uploaded, so hang tight and hopefully everything will return in a couple of hours.

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  1. You are a dumbass, who can’t script and will get banned from every hosting company. No company will ban you unless your causing problems. I’m sure there is a reason action was taken. Learn to write code faf.

  2. Ah dude, nice attempt at a troll. I can write javascript, but in this case I chose not to and just used plain vanilla WordPress plus a couple of standard plugins. Stick with iPowerWeb, you sound like you need a good screwing over.

  3. ipowerweb sucks – and really sucks !! no doubt about it.

    Just complete purchasing a domain with them, and you will know what i mean. I am looking for a way to block payment to this company from my credit card.

  4. btw, google ‘ipowerweb sucks’ and you will know more. i myself am going to publish my negative experience with ( and i am using soft language when i say ‘negative’ !)

  5. I concur, dealing with ipowerweb is worse than eating monkey droppings.

    numerous downtown, idiotic representatives. no control over rebooting your own dedicated server so requests take up to 24 hours. completely unprofessional.

    they compensate you by giving you more free crappy service.

    stay away!

  6. In there defense when I first signed with iPowerweb about 5 years ago they were the best I have seen and came highly reccomended. I dropped them 15 months ago because of similiar issues; lack of support, increased downtimes etc. I was expecting a fight when I canceled, but they really didnt seem to care, go figure.

  7. iPowerweb is a scam. End of story. There can be no way someone uses them to host a website.

    STAY AWAY from iPowerweb.

  8. IPOWERWEB IS THE WORST. my site is down at least an average of 19 hours per month… i call tech support and now one answers the phones. their “live chat” is a joke. The have monkeys working it I am sure. DONT USE IPOWERWEB – you will be sorry if you do.

  9. I know first hand how bad they are. Servers go down so much and their customer service reps are just puppets reading from a script. They say that they need to escalate a ticket to a “Level 2” tech whom don’t exist. My site was down for 3 days and it took them 4 days to correctly register my domain and to point the servers. Go ANYWHERE ELSE! Avoid IPOW$$$$ERWEB!

  10. OMG! I wish I had known all this 4 years ago!

    Yep, I think eating monkey droppings about sums up what you go through trying to wrestle your domain away from these people! JC! No website, no help, no nice. They even keep your credit card on file! (I thought that was illegal!) I’ve not been with them for over a year, when they grab my domain, become my registered service provider and proceed with the process of a screwjob.

    When and if I ever get this thing straightened out I will do everything I can to really screw them! (Which I hope by posting here I am starting.)

    A word to the wise…Considering iPowerweb for your webhost? Run far, run fast and don’t look back.
    Beyond angry, beyond frustrated

  11. iPower sucks. I have been dealing with these fools for at least two years now, and I’m fed up. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long.

    I have experienced issues accessing my vdeck and webmail on and off since I began my account. The pages keep timing out. And every time I try to communicate this issue to them, they simply change my password and tell me that it’s all fixed. Of course, it’s not fixed because the problem isn’t my password. The problem is that the pages are timing out.

    Their live chat customer support personnel aren’t educated enough about the product or don’t care enough to address the actual issue(s) at hand. Every time I send an e-mail that explains the problem in greater detail, they send back a standard response that addresses some issue that has nothing to do with my specific problem, and then repeat my new password.

    I don’t know if it’s because they farm customer support positions to people who don’t have a master of the English language or an understanding of IT, or if they just hire people who aren’t getting paid enough to care. Maybe both.

    I just called them (5 minutes ago) to speak to someone, figuring I’d get a better response. Nope.

    “I’m sorry, but I’ll have to forward your request on to a Tier-2 technician. I’ll explain your specific problem and make sure it gets addressed…”

    What the Hell? If you can’t help me, why are we talking? Why does your website say “Live Customer Support”?

    Hell no. As of five minutes ago, I made up my mind to leave iPower.

    I’m sick of their inept customer support and am going to MediaTemple, which has an excellent reputation and far superior infrastructure.

    DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND LEAVE IPOWER (IPOWERWEB) NOW. Any potential savings you THINK you might receive is NOT worth the headaches caused by innevitable server/services down time and lack of customer service skills.

    iPowerWeb sucks.

  12. they suck all from up down I been a client for two year and I had like 10.000 email spammer in my email no matter what I do I go spam , slow, ok they just sucks is up to you to spend you money my advise go with cpanel just the best

  13. Ipower sucks ass, I had a por plan with unlimited emails for my WISP cusotmers and those assholes deleted all my customers email accts. I downgraded to an email only acct and then they lost the email accts. Now they claim they don’t have a backup of the site. This si the 2nd time they did this the 1st time they restored it, this time they didn’t. Now some bitch in billig Kelly H says well yuou get what you pay for? Fucking cunt needs to be hung and beat. There damn NOC needs to be shutdown.

  14. Yeah, I wish I’d read your posting before I signed up. Last night I called, middle of the night, trying to see how their “24-7 support” was before I signed up. The guy I talked to answered almost immediately, and was very decent and personable, and seemed quite knowledgable about how their system worked, and was able to answer technical questions quite well. Told me that it took about a half hour to set up the account, and that if I signed up with him over the phone rather than using their Internet submission, that he’d put my order in the queue so that someone would see it first thing in the morning, and that I’d probably have my account set up by mid morning. Well, it’s now noon their time and Ipower is telling me, no sorry buddy, it takes at least 24 hours to set up a new account. I ask why, and they say it’s just because they have so many customers. I say I can’t believe that because I’m already with another hosting provider for my business sites, and they set up new accounts for me in about 20 or 30 minutes. Like I hit SUBMIT on the web, and boom, within 10 minutes I get a email saying the account is being set up and to expect another email in about 20 minutes…. and I know they have thousands of customers as well. Heck, to me, if you have even MORE customers, that’s the GOOD kind of “problem” to have, because you should be able to afford MORE support workers and to have a higher level of technical support. When I asked the Ipower rep about that, and how they handle things and why my new hosting activation is in “THE QUEUE” and what queue that is, she tells me it’s just in “the technical support queue”. So the impression I get is, even though Ipower is supposed to be all big and bad, they’re really screwed up management wise, because they don’t even have a dedicated team of techs to handle new accounts. There appears to be no specialization so that the new account team could get good and speedy at setting things up while the true tech support team gets good and speedy at troubleshooting. So yes, the impression I get is that EVERY CALL is just a call, and that no CSR is going to have any more experience than any other when I call Ipower, other than simple luck of the draw as to which CSR that I happen to get. So while I was writing this, I called Ipower and called their tech support department. The recording says, “Your approximate hold time is” and then repeats “Your approximate hold time is”…. and then continues “22 minutes.” Oh, wow, I’m thinking THIS IS NOT GOOD. So let’s try the Sales department. Wench there did NOT want to talk to me, even though I was quite pleasant and calm and collected, she just knew I wasn’t buying any NEW service from her and so she almost immediately transferred me to tech support and “THE QUEUE”. No she didn’t ASK, it was just, here ya go, click, and happy hold music.. No, no no no no lady. I am not talking to tech support only to be told I need to wait again to be transferred back to Sales or Billing in order to cancel my order. So I hang up and call back again, get someone in Sales rather quickly. I ask how to cancel, they say their billing folks can do it. I’m transferred over in mere moments, and a guy quickly found my order, said my credit card hadn’t even been processed yet, so I should see no charges, he just voided the order. We’ll see if that works or not. Anyway, it seems obvious that Ipower has mostly competent and responsive people in Sales and Billing, and puts much less of a priority on support once you’re already hooked. (I say this despite the wench lady who transferred me quickly; she knew the deal, she just didn’t want to deal with me and didn’t bother playing the nice sales game with someone that was not going to make her any money and who would just eat up her time she could be getting more sales calls for her quota or whatever.) To me, in my opinion it’s pretty obvious that Ipower follows the CHURN business model of getting new clients as fast as they can to backfill the loss of existing clients that are probably hemorraging from their customer base in mass exodus once they have tasted of the Ipower kool-aid and have decided they can’t take any more. Me, I can’t even stand the thought of standing in line for the kool-aid, so I left without getting my first cup. Now I’m just hoping I won’t get any weird charges on my credit card after giving it up over the phone to these people. After an experience like this, I don’t think it’s paranoid for me not to trust them.

  15. Oh wow Jeff… insane. Their tech support certainly are monkeys of the worst order. Just ask the guy over at tabletop-terrain.com (if that domain works!) about it. He was emailing them weeks before domain expiry to make sure things went smoothly, only to have the domain expire out from under him.

  16. I used to rec’ them to others and now I’m so embarrassed… they used to be OK… just OK… but they were OK, sort of. NOW? Down WAY too often and they don’t even put any system status info in the Help Center… so you wait 20-30 minutes or more to talk with someone and they of course, blame YOU. Then you call back later after waiting on hold again all over again and they inform you that there’s something wrong with their server and there’s no estimate whatsoever of when it’ll ever be back up. Today was nice, my website was down and my email… so what did they do??? Blame me, of course. Must be my connection… wrong… after much wrangling and jumping from person to person (this all took HOURS out of my workday) they finally admit it’s their problem and… guess what? Can’t tell me even remotely when it’ll be fixed.. few hours? tonight? tomorrow? next week? Nothing.

    Like others have noted, while they have a few good people working for them… odds are you’ll reach someone who doesn’t have any idea what the server is doing and will try to pass you off to a fictitious level 2 that doesn’t exist (I have never, ever gotten an email back as they promise…. ever)… oh… and the online chat??? Like everyone else here… it’s worthless… they have never once helped and are always oblivious to their own server problems… a.k.a. they will almost always lay the blame on YOU even when it’s a problem with iPowerweb (which happens a lot)… I was hung up on TWICE today because they said I didn’t have an account with them… I called again and I magically had an account again and was told that the others may have “lied”


    their tech support is poor and evil.

    i have to dedicated servers with them, they have power outages, and the servers crash, it takes them DAYS to look at your servers.
    they say they will turn your server on – but it takes them 4 days, and when you call they tell you that every time you call hey have to take you case to the back of the line.

    this company is a living hell – if your mental health and your business are important to you – STAY AWAY –

  18. I have used Ipowerweb for many years. I have about 20 sites that are set up with them . Aside from a 20-25 min wait for tech support they are 100% great. Alot of problems come from customers not knowing what they are doing.

  19. I concur with most of the sentiments here. My son’s baby pictures are being held hostage & I can’t get them back. I doubt that “customers not knowing what they are doing” can hold here. Take a look at the site to see what happened. Digg it, if you are so inclined.

  20. Ipowerweb sucks my fucking cock! These fucking assholes need to go lay in a bush and fuck themselves. Seriously, they have fucked me in the ass more times than you get fucked in a “pound me i the ass Jail”. I hate to be harsh, (not really) but these fucking pricks need to grow up and start running drugs from Columbia. That business would be more legit than fucking all their customers up the ass wtih shitty ass service and lines of bull. Nothing more than 1 hr hold times, long email chian letters that go on and on, etc.. As a mater a fact, I just called these sons of bitches and they told me to call billing back in the morning. In other words, you fuck your self ass hole! These fucking fags are sitting on their asses shoving donuts into their fat faces like a gang of fucking cops at Mr. Donut! To make a long story short, I would really love to go pay a nice visit to the fucking cock sucker running the show at this joke of a web hosting company! I would kick that mother fucker right in the cock sucker, and punch him in the mother fucker!

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