Vista Beta2 Impressions

I had a wee play last night, and first impressions are that it’s hugely more stable than the Feb CTP, and there also seem to be fewer ‘security warning‘ boxes popping up all over the place. The ones that do pop up are more authoritative, with the background greying out and the dialog popping to the front. I think this creates a good balance.

I’m still getting some 3D-game style mouse lag on my system (Athlon XP3200, 1Gig Ram, Geforce 6600GT), which is a bit nasty. Definitely not as responsive as XP on the same machine. Apps start fast and smoothly, but it’s just basic moving the mouse around the screen and dragging windows that seems to be slow.

I was also annoyed by a basic little thing: at the very beginning of the install (just after the DVD loads), you’re prompted for a region and keyboard layout. Then after the install is finished, the first time Vista starts up, you’re prompted for a region AGAIN. It’s set to USA by default. I’m guessing most beta testers are in USA, so just click OK. For those of us outside of the USA it’s like “ffs are you trying to make me select USA or something!?”.

I also agree with Chris Pirillo that all traces of the ‘classic’ look dialogs and windows should be eradicated. Some of the setup screens use the ‘classic’ look. Sure you don’t have to have the full translucent glass interface, but at least update the control boxes etc.

Apart from that the whole thing is looking quite nice and polished.

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