Google Trends: In Pictures

Google Trends is a pretty neat new addition to the Google arsenal. What does it do? The easiest way to explain is in pictures (click the images to hit the details).

Clash of the Titans:
Slashdot vs Digg
Summer vs Winter
Home field advantage?:
Summer vs Winter

Get the general idea? The full pages have some more stats broken down by region and language.

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  1. It’s freaky that the seasonality one is reversed (for the Northern hemisphere). The poor schmucks must be searching for summer in the depths of their snowy winters.

  2. I checked Google Trends out last week on it’s debut release. I was expecting something totally different when I heard the name, something about fashion. I’m glad to say I’m impressed on the actual digital imaging of the images through the Google server. Very nice upgrade. I guess I should have filled out the Google Employee Application when sent to my house a few months ago. Would have been on that team, perhaps.

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