Blu-Ray Revealed!

NOT a Blu-RayThis is priceless. At a VAIO 10th anniversary event, Sony showed off a new VAIO laptop playing a Blu-Ray copy of House of Flying Daggers. Great – until a reporter ejected the disk and spotted a DVD-R, complete with l33t P1rate sharpie-titling!


On one table Sony execs proudly displayed two ARs playing early Blu-ray content: The House of Flying Daggers (below). They even had the Blu-ray packaging. So exciting…but WAIT! I went ahead and ejected one of the Blu-ray drives to see my first Blu-ray disc. Instead, I found a crummy, old school DVD+R, complete with the Sharpie-written, House of Flying Daggers. Apparently even Sony can’t get its hands on Blu-ray content!


Question: Is it not a violation of the DMCA or some other random law to create a copy of a DVD? Does copying the DVD entail decrypting and re-encrypting?

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