Tactical Sniper Watch

For all you budding FBI snipers looking for that extra edge to help you hit the cold zero, Telford Services presents the 511 Tactical Sniper Watch:


Calculate point of impact by inputting critical variables that determine elevation and wind adjustments. Works on all MILDOT, TMOA, SMOA and clicking rifle scopes. Punch in data about the ammunition you are shooting and the conditions you are shooting in and the watch will display the appropriate hold over for a sure hit… It’s that simple.


Is it just me, or does it seem a little worrying that a sniper would have to use a calculator to work out how high to hold their rifle? Surely if you’re heading out with a sniper rifle, you should know what ammo you have loaded and have a fair idea of what strength and direction the wind is? Would it be crass of me to suggest that this watch will be worn by non-snipers trying to look like ‘the man’ among their NRA mates?

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  1. You are so right. I’m no sniper, but I’m a pretty shot with a rifle, and whoever does not know what ammo he has loadedc, or what the characteristics of that particular load is, should not be out there to begin with. But I must admit the watch doesn’t look half bad, though…

  2. The way I see it is why leave something to chance? If you’re some crack sniper wouldn’t you do the math just to be sure? I mean it’s only one shot right? Any Snipers out there care to comment?

    IANAS, I don’t even play them in FPS.

  3. It just strikes me as bizarre to imagine some crack sniper fiddling about with his watch to work out if he can hit Carlos the Jackal or not. I mean if he’s gone out there to snipe, he’s going to have checked where his cover was going to be (from satellite imagery), worked out range to target, and got a 5 day wind direction forecast.

  4. Real Snipers[tm] always check the tables for long and difficult shots, or if extreme accuracy is required. It’s easy to get a number wrong in your head, and additionally, there’s compensation tables for wind drift and elevation to take into account. Most write their own bullet drop tables from test firing. I’m not quite sure how this watch works, as they mention it provides “hold over”…it should rather display the amount of clicks to adjust on the scope dials. Think I’ll stick with my trusty note pad.

  5. Although I’ve never taken a shot over 800 yards myself, I have spotted for a sniper with SpecWar SEAL team 2. He used a card for his MacMillan .50 which included calculations for temperature, elevation and windage declination. I don’t know if this watch covers all calibers but I do know having some ballistic information about your specific bullet weight choice does plug into the watch to aid you in making quick decisions.
    I’d like to see what this watch can do from my own use of long range shooting (as I said, I’m no sniper but I do make long shots (mountain to mountain) when hunting with my .300 MkV Weatherby Mag.
    The only downside of this watch I see is that it’s water ‘resistant’ to 100 meters… does that void the warranty if you take it diving too?

  6. ive been a sniper for 6 years and you can know your rifle in and out. you will never know how the wind will be 1000 yard out as you cannot fill it only see trees moving through binos. you can guestimate as to what your angle is but being able to calculate it does give you an advantage. this watch does help with the basics but afor shots beyond 1000+ yards theres more too it than just windspeed direction and angle and bullet weight. heat from the earth surface affects it, gravity of course affects it and the rotation of the earth even affects it. so the watch will help out both non snipers and snipers a like. but it takes a lot more to hit the long shot.

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