Penny Arcade Apple Shills?

Update: I was wrong. And I apologise.

It’s one thing to discuss computers in a general sense, but the glut of Apple related posts from Penny Arcade has me suspicious. Penny Arcade is a highly-trafficked site, with heaps of credibility, and a massive market that is traditionally Windows-centric (gamers). If I were wearing the cap of a marketing whore, I’d be throwing free hardware and hard cash at these guys to get them posting these sorts of posts.

I have no sortage of cynicism for modern marketing practices, and with advertising genes in my family, my antenna are twitching furiously. If you are heavily into conspiracies, you could even say that the earlier PA posts about the horrors of ‘guerilla marketing’ were a smokescreen: “Good gods people, we would never do this sort of thing, so if you ever suspect us of doing it, we’re not.”.

If the white shiny ones have managed to pull this off, then I congratulate them.

Update: It gets worse. Gabe/Mike seems to have copy-pasted some sick Apple marketing blurb into his latest post:


I never thought of myself as the sort of hipster that would appreciate the Apple experience. What I am though is a proud dad and it turns out that’s just as good. I’ve already burned a DVD of lil’ Gabe, created a slide show of his pictures and sent them off to the grandparents. After a day I had my own .Mac site made using iWeb and I was photocasting by Sunday.


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  1. Yeap. My bullshit detectors have been going off too. So they bought some Macs. Who cares? Is it really worth 3 strips? I think not.

    I can’t understand what the hell Tyco is talking about half the times these days so umm I’m not rushing out to buy a MacMini yet…

  2. I also got that feeling just recently, and today’s post certainly came up on my scamdar (a fairly easy hack I made on the original Gaydar).

    One mouse button -q

  3. Your a dumbass if you actually think this is some sort of marketing campaing. I ASSURE you their are many more game companys that would buy them off for far more then Apple would.

    They just seem really enthused about their Mac’s, and believably so.

    Care to dissprove any of their points? (I dont have a Mac, PC Baby)

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