Modern Society

I was a total asshole earlier, and for that I blame modern society. I’m not being facetious. Modern culture – especially marketing – has drummed into me that anyone speaking about unadulterated pleasure or with pure praise for a product must be trying to sell me something. The standard backlash is to be a cynical, skeptical bastard. So I read the Penny Arcade Mac posts and my scamdar (thanks JC) went haywire.

I’ve since emailed Mike/Gabe to voice my displeasure and had a response that made me feel, as I said, like a total asshole. He’s just a guy with a Mac. And he likes it. It’s sad that my first response was to think “oooh dude with traffic praises product, must be a sellout”. I apologise.

Maybe I was a touch jealous, or maybe I just don’t want to come out of the closet.

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  1. I’d be happy to be a Games Workshop shill if I could get a staff discount…

    Unfortunately nobody from their marketing dept. has contacted me yet :(…

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