Farewell Oddpost

The inevitable Oddpost shutdown email has arrived. Oddpost is going offline as of 30th March 2006. Everything is switching over to the new Yahoo mail beta built by the Oddpost guys. Finally I can ditch Internet Explorer!

I’m a bit gutted that Oddpost users were promised free Yahoo Premium accounts, but the reality is one year of free Yahoo Premium, and US$20 per year thereafter. A bit of a gyp, but I guess I was paying for Oddpost before they got acquired anyway, and I can go free if I’m happy with ads (which I’m not). Given that Yahoo doesn’t offer IMAP even for premium users, I might seriously consider alternatives after a year.

The latest update to the Yahoo Beta has brought with it even more slickness (slickality?), and I truly believe that Oddpost-based Yahoo Mail kicks Gmail all over the park. It depends on how you prefer to work, but Yahoo mail’s drag-n-drop, multi-window, asynchronous interface is a delight to work with. They stick with the folder paradigm instead of Gmail’s labels, but the reality is very similar – a list of folders/labels on the left side, with filters to shift stuff into folders automatically. I’d even say that Yahoo’s folders are implemented better, because you can simply drag a message into a folder, rather than having to tick it then select ‘apply label’ from a dropdown.

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  1. I’m a grumpy old bugger. I like my email delivered via POP or IMAP. None of this fancy schmancy webmail bollox. If I can’t get it via an Internet standard that has at least 4 RFC’s behind it I’m not interested.

    Fastmail is ok btw. But you need to subscribe to get access to their spam filters. The ‘one time fee’ account doesn’t block spam for you.

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