Cloudy Vista

I don’t like to sound like a total copycat of all the other doubters, but to me, the February CTP build of Windows Vista can be summarised thusly:

Just like XP but a bit more sexy looking and a bit slower and less responsive (this is with the sexy ‘Aero’ interface running on a NVidia 6600GT). Click on the thumbnails below for the obligatory eyecandy screenshots:

Vista Shot One Vista Shot Two

It’s also a lot like XP but with a million warning messages whenever you want to do anything considered mildly ‘system’ or ‘administrative’. This is cool, but the warnings are so many and so similar, that I reckon the average Joe user will start seeing dialog boxes intended to look like this:

Actual dialog
…like this instead:
Dialog as the user sees it
I don’t know how you could solve that issue. Maybe it’s just because I’m a ‘power user’ so I’m hitting up against these warnings constantly when I’m trying to get the OS to behave the way I want it to. How does Apple handle it? In Linux you have to explicitly ‘su’ or login as root to achieve a lot of the stuff you want to do. Does Microsoft think that totally disabling these things and forcing an explicit rights elevation is too much to ask of everyday users? I say fuck the users: everyday users should be made to think about what they are trying to do, rather than a simple little “are you sure” box.

And yes, I know I can change security policies to disable the warnings, which I will no doubt do in the final version of Vista.


  1. Ah yes. The 3d Window Manager. Flavours of this sort of UI nightmare have been available under Linux for quite some time I believe. I recall playing with one at least 5 years ago.

    However I am a firm believer that having a cool 3d Windows Manager will in no way at all increase anybody’s productivity in the slightest, nor make it easier to manage your bloated file system.

    In fact about all it will do imho is mean you’ll need more memory and a better graphics card to run the latest versions of Windows.

    Which BTW I am unlikely to upgrade to until they stop supporting XP.

  2. The edges on that 3D windows management thing look horribly jaggy… I’m going to stick with XP for another long while methinks…

  3. i cant wait till vista comes out personally. not because ill switch to it but because itll be fun to exploit all the security holes lol

  4. Choppy on a 6600 GT, eh? Damn! I wonder how my Radeon X300 SE will cope (or not). I’ll be sticking with XP. Don’t find 3D GUIs particularly interesting, honestly.

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