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Bioloid KitCheck this shit out. An orgy of robotic servos, controllers and sensors, in a nifty little (or big) package that looks to be about US$800. Lego Mindstorms on steroids. Some of the specs on this thing are a gadget lovers wet dream. The AX-12 Dynamixel servos are all totally digital, each with their own ID, and built in rotation/feedback sensors. Just think of the possibilities of being able to address 20 servos individually, querying each on their current position and setting exact rotation speeds.


The servos use daisy-chain wiring to cut down on wire clutter and to enable digital data traffic between them. Nifty! Each servo has its own Serial ID number. They can operate in typical servo mode (back and forth motion) or with continuous rotation (without needing to be mechanically hacked). You can control torque, position, speed, and even monitor each servo’s temperature and voltage! The servo cases have plenty of lugs along the sides for numerous attachment points. Even if you don’t want to invest in any of their kits or the Bioloid system, these servos are worth looking into.


If a mysterious angel investor out there ever wanted to ply me with goods, here’s your cue.

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  1. I saw on of these Bioloid kits at a Robobisiness conference and I have to say that they are quality kits and amazing to say the least. I believe that they are more advanced than our R/C servos. They are daisy chained! No modifying the gear/potentiometer for continous rotation. Strong and more mounting choices than the usual servos.

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