I’m always up for a bit of a jape, so after last night’s massive SkyTV outage I decided to make a listing on our local internet auction site:


One slightly used digital TV broadcast satellite. Seems to be misbehaving at the moment, unsure what the problem is, so bid at your own risk.

Previously worked fine broadcasting encrypted TV.

User is responsible for maintenance, and once purchase has taken place we will take no responsibility for spontaneous de-orbiting.


The crazy thing is that it has taken off like wildfire. 20,000 odd views and over 100 questions. Great fun, and I bet great marketing for Trademe. Trademe has a great community that really gets into this sort of thing, and it is admirable that they let them run for a while. I’ve asked Trademe for feedback to make sure I don’t get in too much crap, so we’ll see how it plays out.

Update: just in case things go pear-shaped, for posterity, here’s a snapshot of the page (including unanswered questions) as it looked a few minutes ago.

Update 2 : the Trademe people are top guys. They have a sense of humour and really understand their community. Full credit.

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  1. hey mate what happened to the trade? got heaps of rain fade tonight and the first place i went to was your trade me listing and you have gone – really needed to see what the guts was and thought this was the best place. “I am missing you already” – what a shame – how can i sleep at night knowing not knowing if that dish got a good home or not – and obviously not “heaps of rain fade tonight” should have given it a good home myself. never mind! all the best – liz

  2. Trademe is cool and all but lately it’s becoming doggier as the prices goes up for the same service.

    These days I use free ones like which doesn’t even take sucess fee!

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