Sony Ericsson M600

Sony Ericsson M600Call me callous, but I really have lost the love I once had for Symbian smartphones. This new Sony Ericsson M600 doesn’t really make me feel any more amourous. Sure, it’s a non-flip incarnation of the good old P900 series (more specifically the P990), but it looks like a brick, and uses yet another proprietary Sony memory format.

I’m sure the business users will love the range of connection options and the ever lusted-after ‘push’ email (but since when was a premanently open http connection ‘push’!?), but I’ll be skipping it.

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  1. 90% of ‘push’ marketed products are bullsh1t Ben. Any product that uses the standard POP or IMAP protocols is not ‘push’. It’s either IMAP IDLE or polling through a managed TCP/IP connection which may or may not always be connected.

    To be honest the only product I’ve seen in the market to date that could actually be called ‘push’ is the Blackberry – primarily because it was originally based on 2-way pager technology so their proprietary API is very closely tied to the radio hardware.

    My 2c. As a mobile software developer.

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