Microsoft Origami

Microsoft OrigamiAstroturfing* like the best of them, Microsoft is drip-feeding information about the codenamed ‘Origami‘ project. So far we have some images that Engadget picked up, and now a nice flash video of a device. Call me cynical, but I’m betting that neither of these are accidental finds, rather some ‘insider’ mailed a ‘scoop’ to a selected not-quite-A-list blog.

So what is Origami? Looks like a portable media center with bluetooth keyboard. No wait. After viewing the video this thing looks like a full-powered tablet PC. It better be, because give the size of the thing (think large paperback about 3/4 inch thick) you’d want it to be seriously powerful. Something this size, with a full power Core Solo processor and a properly touch-sensitive tablet screen would be pretty slick. If it’s an ARM or Xscale based Windows Mobile 5 device then sorry but meh… grow some innovation Microsoft.

*Wikipedia: Astroturfing.

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  1. Do not be so quick to judge grasshopper.

    For starters it looks about twice as big as a PSP, hence my comment that it better be at least four times as powerful/useful, otherwise we have a bomb on our hands.

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