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Heli liftThe road was closed on the way into work (yes, Saturday work, damn deathmarch coding sucks), to make way for a helicopter lifting some giant letters onto a highrise building. This inspired a couple of thoughts:

  1. I wonder if the marketing/branding department think about this sort of thing when they decide to rebrand an organisation? Or does it come to some poor schmuck project manager to tell the CFO that it’s going to cost $20 grand to get a helicopter in to put the new logo up?
  2. Helicopters are the biggest damn gadgets around. Ever since reading Chickenhawk1, I’ve had an unhealthy fascination with helos. I blame that book on my irrational desire to fly a helicopter in Computer Games whenever the opportunity arises.

Footnote 1: Read Chickenhawk. If you have any interest in war stories, flying of any sort, or just riveting personal accounts, read Chickenhawk. Fantastic book. If you have interest in rotary wing flying, it is totally fascinating, and a real eye-opener into how difficult, yet versatile these vehicles are.

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  1. Chickenhawk is a great read. I lost my copy years ago to some damned borrower-not-returner. I’m going to have to buy another copy cause I wanna read it again now 🙂

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