Adsense to pay my Mortgage?

Robert Scoble has a long, rambling post about full-text RSS feeds, in which he dropped an interesting little fact:


Click-to-pay advertising. You see all those Google ads all over the place? Chris Pirillo’s blog, for instance, has Google ads (so does Blog Herald). These sites only get paid if you actually click on the advertising. For instance, some of the words you click on can be worth up to $60 PER CLICK to Google and other advertising companies (like Mortgages).


Sixty bucks!? I’m in the wrong game entirely. I get the odd abberrant click that gets me something like $5, but the majority are around 10 to 50 cents. Maybe I should start a blog about mortgages. One $60 click a day would be quite a tidy little sideline. Still, in the current housing market where I live, you can’t go too far wrong paying for a mortgage rather than renting.

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  1. Oh yes a blog about mortgages! How scintillating!

    My mortgage blog would probably go something like:

    Week 1: Paid bank interest.
    Week 2: Worried about increasing interest rates.
    Week 3: Paid bank interest…

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