Make the madness stop!

Please! Ages ago I made a post about an amusingly misspelt product by the name of ‘Sliming Tea‘. ‘Great’, I thought, ‘funny, silly product, this will get a laugh’. Problem is that the post seems to attract a fair number of people searching for said ‘Sliming Tea’, and the comments for the post seem to have turned into some sort of clearinghouse for all manner of humanity searching the globe for their slime hit.

The latest comment had just gone too far though:


I live in Floida[sic] and have purchased this tea at an Asian store (local). This tea does work as a laxative. It contains the active ingredient of Senna Pods (25%) and Senna Leaves. … After researching this on the net, all medical sites state that Senna (Herb) can cause severe dehydration and loss of colon function (diapers?) and even could result in death. Use with caution and care.
Your body may become dependent for restroom needs. – signed…still need to lose a few pounds in Fla.



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  1. Funny guy… four comments from the same IP address. If you’re going to spam, at least reset your router to get a different address each time…

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