MacBook Pro: Intel Powerbook

Breaking news: new Mac notebooks will run intel Core Duo processors and be renamed “MacBook Pro”. Specs here:
MacBook Specs
As a long time PC user and PC software developer, I can sum this all up in three words: I am tempted. Never before, but now I am tempted.

There’s also a new Intel iMac, and a iPod remote with FM tuner. Meh.

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  1. I was very tempted when they launched Mac OS X simply because it’s a better OS that Windows.

    Unfortunately Apple hardware is so ridiculously expensive compared to PC hardware I never took the plunge.

    OS X running on Intel PC hardware is what I want. But that’s never going to happen.

  2. Stu, as a longtime Apple fanboy with koolaid where my blood should be, I believe what you meant to say was “I want a Porsche that uses Toyota parts…” — which would be lovely, yes. I do love the machines, from the packaging to the way they (mostly) work, but YES it bugs me when I go to one of the electronics malls over here (Singapore) and walk past 30-40 PC stores before finding the Apple store. And then walk straight back out after being offered a 40gb drive (to replace the one in our iBook that went “graunch” after 13 months, grrrr) for MORE THAN THREE TIMES the price of the IDENTICALLY SPEC’D item I eventually bought two stores away. And they wanted to charge $220 to fit it, too. Ah well – the cost of style, elegance, and software reliability (I restarted Vanessa’s iBook the other day for a laugh; first time in ~6 months…). And… Apple… please… can we have a smaller, lighter Albook? Please? See Sony / Toshiba / Panasonic / Sharp / Fujitsu for ideas?

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