Grumpy Old Men

Sometimes I comment on games on this site, but more often than not I’m raving about gadgets, development and radio control. You see gaming is my guilty little secret. As a thirty-mumble guy with a wife and child, I sometimes get the feeling that I’m naughty in some manner for getting a kick from gaming. I feel like an amateur when some 13 year old kid hits me with a headshot, and I feel like spanking the little shits that scream like girls over the headset.

I also have a low tolerance threshold for crap games. Time was that I would play a piece of shit game for days on end, searching for that gem of gameplay buried under layers of EA sequels. Nowadays, with more interesting things to spend my time on, games are a genuine hobby: to be played for pleasure when I have spare time. I’ve turned into a surly, grumpy old bugger with zero tolerance.

There seem to be a few sites across the interwebs that claim to be for or by geezers, but none that really pump my nads. So, one other guy and myself have launched We write about games, and the parts of gaming that piss us off, and things that amuse us. As usual with one of these interweb log things, this is more for us than you: a punching bag or scratching post if you will. Somewhere to vent one’s spleen to the three or four random people that accidentally click on a random Google result. Having said that, if you feel like following along, then by all means subscribe to our feed, or perhaps email us about your own geezer gaming experiences. I’ve gotta go now, my old gammy knee is playing up…

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