Without further ado I present:
A Very Crap Video of Me Flying a Radio Control Plane
Director: Me
Camera: Rob
Pilot: Me
Key Grip: Me
Best Boy: Rob

Download the goodness here (3.5mb WMV)

I expect a good showing at Cannes, but we may just miss out on the Oscar for Best Soundtrack.

Update: oh and yes, I did break a freaking motor mount on the last landing of the day. Six is the running total. Time to reattach the landing gear.

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  1. I meant crap as in flying, not crap as in videography. Although the lighting is pretty crap, but you can’t expect too much from a digicam on a cloudy day.

  2. I found the production qualities suprisingly high considering the motley crew that assembled it.

    I reckon you need a tripod for smoother tracking of though. I mean for chrissakes get some professionalism involved 🙂

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