Foiled Again!

Ah crap. The ingenious rubber motor mount doesn’t work. Not for lack of trying, but it appears the clearance between the motor and the mount is too tight to fit a rubber band (click for larger image):
Motor mount and rubber band
The motor is fouled by the rubber bands and the prop doesn’t swing freely, so it’s a no go. I’m sure I could find a flat rubber band or o-ring that might fit, but the tension may not be correct, so I don’t think the plan is going to work. So for now I will land gingerly with the best prop location I can manage, and if I break another mount then it’s back to the landing gear.

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  1. Jeez, that’s the sum total of your motor mount? A stick and a couple of screws? I’m surprised the stick doesn’t fail instead of the motor mount myself.

  2. You can yank pretty darn hard on a stick and it will not break. I guess the mounting system is designed for the standard load, which is a smooth, parallel pulling load directly along the axis of the motor. The failure happens when the motor is tilted forward when the prop hit the ground – not what the whole setup is designed to handle.

  3. Built from 18 inches to 8 feet in length for motors ranging from 10 to over 1000 horsepower. Select from 16 in-stock motor rails plus a full line of heavy-duty rails.

    Hell yeah, one of those puppies should do the trick. How much is 180 Watts in horsepower then?

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