Bluetooth Virus in the Wild

Bluetooth LogoNot news in any sense of the word, but amusing nonetheless. Sitting down for lunch at one of the local Asian foodhalls, I got a nice little message on my phone asking if I would like to accept file “aaf34s.sis”. You what? No thanks very much all the same Mr. “I have a virus on my bluetooth phone that is spamming all the local phones trying to propogate itself”. No idea what virus it was, but it tried three times to install on my phone.

It always amazes me the social engineering (or lack thereof) required to get these things propogated. It’s such a massive mindshift for me to imagine myself thinking “Oh yeah cool I wonder what this totally bizarre message that I’m not at all expecting is? I guess I’ll open and install it”. But I guess the majority of people out there must think exactly that.

I doubt any readers of this site would need any persuading, but just in case: Don’t accept and/or install anything ending with .jar or .sis (or anything else for that matter) on your phone unless you know exactly what you are doing.

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