No Sony! Bad Sony! Bad!

No Xmas for SonyI (and many others) reckon Sony has been more on the naughty side of things than nice, so it stands to reason that Santa won’t be paying them a visit. Join the fun and stick this image on your blog, forum, or email signature. Or maybe just print out a hard copy and paste it all over the place.

100 points to the person that spells ‘Boycott Sony’ in christmas lights on their house.

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  1. Boycotting Sony means no GTS PSP game or other such festive delights.
    So… I’m afraid I’m going to have to boycott your boycott.

  2. By GTS I obviously mean GTA.
    GTS being the initials for a group in the company which employs me.
    I may even belong to said group. Its hard to tell sometimes.

    Go the PSP!

  3. Yeah well maybe just boycott SonyBMG music?
    I think this ‘music’ stuff comes on those ‘CD’ things, whatever they are, so a boycott should not be too difficult.

  4. I think they’re pretty much going to be boycotted by default. Even schlubs that don’t know what a ‘rootkit’ is or ‘copy protection’ have probably read the newspaper stories that have mentioned Sony have ‘done something bad’.

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