I try not to harp on too much about kids, and the cuteness of such, because I believe my demographic is largely unmarried males. Feel free to correct me on that one. There are times however, when the cutification or snuggleosity factor goes beyond my ability to restrain myself. An infinitely more eloquent man than myself can explain this phenomenon.

In my case, our little guy is just old enough to string some words together, but still young enough to not be aware of what he is saying. This leads to some pretty amusing conversations. However there is a single word he can say to make me laugh every time. As I understand it, toungue control is a very difficult thing to learn. Say the word beach to yourself, and think about the gymnastics your tongue has to perform to vocalise the ch. Now imagine hearing the word beach as a young man, and deciding that the ch sound is remarkably similar to the guttural sound you make to emulate a draining bath (a very amusing pastime in its own right).

Here is the result. Try not to laugh. He is very sincere when saying beach.

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