Amazing Phaeton Facility

Phaeton PlantBoing Boing points to a very cool photo tour of the Dresden factory where VW creates their Phaeton luxury cars.

Regardless of what you think about the car itself, you have to be impressed with the facility. From the acres of glass, to the wooden floors with almost invisible conveyer system, to the laser and magnetically aligned body-chassis mating system. Just amazing.

Often I’ve looked under the bonnet of modern cars and wondered how the heck they get then engine in there. There’s no way I’d have the knowledge, tools, nor elbow room to work on these engines in the same way I hotted up my 1200cc 1972 Toyota Corolla. The question of fit is answered when you see that the engine is installed into the chassis, then the body literally lowered onto the chassis, with millimetres to spare either side of the engine. Amazing.

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