XBox Bad News Week

My fanboy spidey-sense has been on high alert during the launch of the 360, so it pains me to admit that the XBox 360 is looking a little more broken than I previously let on. Engadget sums up the whole crashing/instability debacle quite nicely:


…there are always a certain amount of defective units on any product launch — especially one as huge as this — and it’s not usually something anyone can call just based reports on forums alone. Molly O’Donnell, Microsoft spokesperson, called it “Par for the course.” Then again, we did have to call the Xbox support line about six times before we could even get on hold to talk to someone, and wound up on the horn over two and a half hours…


And in old-school bad news, a father and daughter had to be rescued from a blazing house, caused by a faulty original XBox:


Anglesey fire and rescue spokesman Dave Evans confirmed the fire was caused by a “fault in an Xbox game machine” left on standby. Back in February, Microsoft recalled 14.1m Xbox power cables shipped into Europe before 13 January, 2004 and in other territories before 23 October, 2003


I really hope those poor people failed to replace the recalled powercord, because I have one of the ‘boxes that the recall applied to. I’ve definitely installed the replacement cord, but time to check the smoke alarm battery in any case.

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