Doctor Ingenuity

Little slivers of broken glass are highly annoying, especially when embedded in one’s foot in such a way that no amount of poking and grabbing with tweezers will locate the little bugger, let alone extract it. I was doubtful that even the GP with his local anesthetic, scalpel, and pointy tweezers would be able to do anything for me. I figured I’d end up like one of those shooting victims with a bullet lodged near an artery because it’s too risky to go in there and extract it.

I didn’t count on the doc using a combination of ingenuity and technology, but get this for low-tech: after numbing the area, he lodged a needle into the area, and sent me off for an x-ray. The theory being that otherwise almost-invisible glass shards would be easier to find when you know where to look (i.e. around the big needle that appears clearly on the x-ray film). It worked a treat, with three little glass shards barely visible on the x-ray, but just clear enough to give the doc an idea of where to go fishing. Nice work.

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