XBox Live and PGR3

PGR3 ScreenyJoystiq has a nice, in-depth rundown of Project Gotham Racing 3. This is one of the titles for the XBox 360 that I’m seriously hanging out for. PGR’s simulation-level physics and photo-realistic graphics, combined with the fantastic Kudos system gameplay makes for a fantastic game experience with near infinite replayability.

It looks like Microsoft and Bizzare are aiming for PGR3 to showcase the power of the XBox 360 Live system. Online Kudos points will help to match you with like-skilled players, plus if you’re one of the elite few, you may make it onto Live TV:


The Heroes Channel—which I touched on yesterday—provides you with viewing access to the Top 50 racers in the world (on Live). If you’re watching a race you can hop in and out of the perspectives all of the cars that are racing, utilizing the different view modes and camera options available. The Heroes Channel has tested up to 300,000 viewers watching a single race.


The XBox Live system is one thing that seems to be continuously overlooked in any comparisons between the 360 and its presumed competitor, the Sony PS3. Sony’s online attempts with the PS2 were absolutely woeful, and there is no indication that things will get any better with the PS3. Sony attempted to run the online system using their own servers, meaning anyone not in the USA or Europe had to endure heinous lag. There is also no matching system to speak of.

In comparison, Microsoft have had effectively one huge beta test with the first revision of XBox Live. The matching system (especially with Halo’s ranking system) is first-rate. The XBox’s ability to act as a server means you can easily find a locally hosted game, and built-in voice communication is the icing on the cake.

The way I see it, Microsoft has a huge base to build on, whereas Sony is effectively starting from scratch. Not to mention the 6 month ++ head start Microsoft will have to build a subscriber base. If you think that online play is not a big deal for next-gen gaming, then think again.

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  1. Call me a luddite, but online gaming still hasn’t grabbed me. I’ve played City of Heroes (MMORPG) and various Internet multiplayer games for years (from Quake to Call of Duty) and I’ve gotta say until you can institute some system of ranking that sorts players into age groups cross referenced with fucktardness then the online experience is always going to be a mixed bag.

    LAN games still seem to me to be the best way to game with multiple players to me. Mainly because they nicely control the fucktardness factor and shouting at your friends is infinitely superior to shouting at some random voice on the Internet.

    And as for the PS2/PS3 I couldn’t really care less about online gaming. I have a PC for that.

  2. Yeah I can totally concur with you on the distribution of c0cks in online gaming, but XBox live (on the original XBox) was a pleasant surprise.

    I think because everyone has to either talk or shut up (i.e. no typing silly comments), it reduced the fucknuckle factor quite considerably.
    Hell, I even had several excellent races in V8 Supercars 2 with full damage turned on and everyone being most civil. Makes for a much more realistic racing experience (e.g. no insane passing manouvres).

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