Video iPod Tomorrow?

One More ThingThere’s a whole heap of hype around tomorrow’s Apple announcement. Apple hype is certainly not new, but more often than not we have at least an inkling of what is going to be announced. It seems this time that there is very little certainty around what is coming up. It could be small revisions on the Powerbook, it could be an iPod upgrade, or it could be the coveted video iPod. No one seems to know.

Is Apple playing the hype game, or is there really something big under wraps? I think Apple risks being slapped with the ‘cry wolf’ label if they don’t announce anything major after all the hype. But then again, it’s all user-generated hype I guess.

My call? I’ll put $10 on Apple announcing some sort of minor video update to iTunes. Something like a full catalog of music videos, or perhaps integrated podcasting/vidcasting using the BBC’s content. It may be a precursor to the video iPod, but I truly don’t believe it will be the real deal. Check back tomorrow to see if I hit it 🙂

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