Yahoo!/Oddpost mail Beta

I’ve been using Oddpost as my main webmail client for a couple of years now, and it was with trepidation that I reported the sale of Oddpost to Yahoo a while back. The Oddpost experience is a bittersweet one: Oddpost supports a fantastic DHTML interface that puts GMail to shame, but it only runs in Internet Explorer. Heck Oddpost is the only reason I use IE these days.

So today I got the email I’ve been anticipating for months:


As you may have already heard, Oddpost was acquired by Yahoo! last year. Since then we’ve been cranking away on a new version of Yahoo! Mail, and we’re just about ready to show it to you and hear what you think.


Top stuff! My main hope is that it will work in Firefox (I can’t imagine it not doing so). As soon as I get my access I’ll report my findings.

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