Slashdot Goes CSS

The gray old man of geek news sites, Slashdot, has finally migrated away from its ancient table-based layout to an almost-compliant HTML4 and CSS layout.

Not much news in this, but I’m impressed by the cajones of the Slashdot guys. When I do layout updates to this site, I have to worry about pissing off all 3 of my regular readers, none of which (statistically) are HTML/CSS geeks. Slashdot on the other hand is probably read by 90% of the most geeky, obsessive CSS nerds on the planet. They’ve defused the majority of complaints by being fairly pragmatic:


There are a handful of validation errors. Some will be fixed in the next day or so. Others are external HTML that is out of our hands. We may never toally validate with zero errors. yes we’re comfortable with that.


As an aside, this post was created using the “Blog This” link from Interesting to see how it comes out…

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