Second Class Citizens

Ahh crap! Once again the gamers who happen to not live in the big-money areas of USA, Japan and Europe get treated as third-world gaming citizens.

Microsoft is releasing the XBox 360 in USA, Europe and Japan in late November/early December, but all they will commit to for the rest of us plebs is:


The Xbox 360 will launch sometime during the 2006 calendar year for all the patient gamers in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Mexico, and Colombia.



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  1. Yeah what’s up with that? We’re the PERFECT test demographic country.

    We should be getting new hardware BEFORE anybody else FFS…

    Stupid Microsoft. Good luck selling your console in Japan.

  2. I agree. I reckon NZ should be the first stop for testing any gadgets: highly technologically savvy, reasonably affluent, but not big enough to cause a problem when aforementioned gadgets turns out to cause testicular cancer…

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