Revolution Controller: WTF?

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?
Nintendo Revolution Controller
Wow. Nintendo pull another crazy one out of the bag, but if you read the article, it does make a lot of sense. Whether it will actually be comfortable and easy to use for a seasoned gamer is another question.

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  1. That joining cord looks rather short. I’d like to be able to rest one controller on my left knee and one on my right while I’m gaming.

    And any controller that you have to wave around in mid-air is going to give you wicked RSI in the shoulder imho.

    Smells like another Nintendo gimmick to me…

  2. Very awesome, nintendo lived to the hype of changing the way we play. Can’t wait to test it.

    It’s not a gimmick at all. My only concern is how will I play Super smash?

    Looking forward to playing zelda, FPS games, racket sports games, warioware, and mario party on this baby.

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