PGR3 3D Screenshot

Project Gotham Racing 3 is looking as sexy as you would expect from a next-gen title. Just how sexy can be seen in Bizzarre’s new “3D screnshot”. Check out the little flash app that lets you rotate around the image:
PGR3 3D Screenshot
Comments from the creators:


“Motion blur” means that things in the distance are blurred, whilst the stationary car is kept in focus. Also, we make use of a technique called “depth of field”. If you pause the animation and rotate to certain angles, you’ll see parts of the car are blurred if they are nearer or further away from the camera. This is because the lens is actually focused at the middle of the image, and other things become “out of focus”, just like in real-life. These are two really nice effects which we haven’t been able to use before, but due to the awesome power of the next generation of hardware we can now implement them in our games.


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