Microsoft Gadgets

Scoble points to a new site entitled Microsoft Gadgets. At first glance this looks like a Microsoft version of Konfabulator, but the details in the initial post seem to be a bit vague.

“Gadgets” seem to be something available in Windows Vista, and can appear in three places:

  • Windows Sidebar: as far as I can make out, this is Microsoft’s version of Konfabulator for Vista.
  • looks like these ‘Gadgets’ are just javascript components that you could display on if you use that as your startpage.
  • Windows SideShow: this is a new technology in Vista that allows the use of external displays (e.g. a display on the outside of a laptop, or using a PocketPC as an external display). Of course you can do this right now if get a lot more ghetto about it.

Looks interesting, but seem ultimately frustrating, given it’s a Vista technology that we won’t be seeing for at least 12 months. In the mean time, Konfabulator kicks arse. Try it.

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