Diebold Cash Machine

Diebold Kiwibank Cash MachineI remember reading with much amusement about some of the interesting debacles around the Diebold voting machines in the States (including the infamous monkey hack). At the time I thought: “we New Zealanders would never let those incompetent hacks run such important processes”. How wrong was I?

Today I rocked up to withdraw some money from an ATM, and saw the infamous Diebold logo on top of it. What’s more is that my bank is the government-owned Kiwibank. Ah well, at least I got a receipt for my transaction, which seemed to come out fine despite Diebold’s insistence that paper trails for voting machines was not easy. 🙂

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  1. Sh1t man, Windows runs most ATM machines these days and we errr still trust them 😛

    Including those KiwiBank jobbies…I’ve seen the one outside the K’Rd PostShop in ‘Blue Screen’ before…

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