Arrr ye scurvy bilge rats! In celebration of the best day of the year, I’ve tweaked the site layout. However I be havin’ a bit o’ a problem with that great bane of all pirates, Internet Explorer. Take a gander at these two shots and tell me why Internet Explorer is givin’ me a whole boatload of gyp:

Ye olde Internet Explorer:
Internet Explorer

It seems to correct itself if you scroll down past the port sidebar, and the starboard side is not affected at all. I’ve tried all combination of margins and padding, but nothing works. I feel like I’ve sailed into an area of CSS marked “Here Be Dragons”.

4 Replies to “Avast!”

  1. Hrrrm you could be right, but the sidebars are not “fixed”, they’re floating left and right, and the middle column is 100% wide with margins to compensate.

    Fixing the sidebars will ruin the elasticity of the layout.

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