It’s the little things that make raising kids so exciting. This morning the little guys asked for eggs for breakfast. Now I imagine you’ll be wondering what is so exciting about eggs. True, eggs themselves are pretty un-exciting, but when it’s the first time Ollie has seemingly pulled a noun from thin air, rather than in relation to a concrete object or just parrotting back what we say, it’s pretty damn exciting.

See the normal process is that we ask him what he’d like for breakfast. “Weetbix?”, I say, to no response. “Fruit?”, nothing. “Toast?” … “TOOAST!” he says. And there we go. Selection process over. But this morning was different: “Weetbix?”… nothing…”Toast?”…”EGG!!” he says. WTF? Egg? When was the last time he had egg, or even so much as talked about egg? Two or three weeks ago?

So yeah, I guess he just decided on his own volition that he wanted those eggy things, and just came out and said it. This is interesting in so many ways. How often has he wanted egg before but hasn’t had it because we haven’t included it in the traditional multi-choice process? What made him think of eggs that morning? There were no eggs in sight, and as I say he hadn’t eaten eggs for weeks. Interesting stuff.

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  1. Oh yeah, we’re getting plenty of “No”s. More than enough 🙂

    In fact he seems to answer “No” to pretty much any question, which makes for hours of fun when you ask “Is mummy your friend?” “NOO!”… “Is daddy your friend?”… “Nooo!” 🙂

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