Microsoft Longhorn Announcement Tomorrow?

Robert Scoble lays the bait:


there’ll be a Longhorn announcement at 6 a.m. PDT in the morning tomorrow. I can’t tell you until then what’s up, but the information will be on this URL then.


… and in other news, Duke Nukem launch date announced…

Ugh. Stand down. Boring. Apparently it’s just an announcement that The Operating System Formerly Known as Longhorn, is going to be officially named Windows Vista.

The anticlimaxes come thick and fast with Longhorn don’t they? As far as I can tell it’s pretty much an interface upgrade for XP. I mean seriously, how many million more lines of code have the jammed into Longhorn to what end? The spicey UI is the only thing users are going to see. I can imagine the product managers are pretty upset at having dropped WinFS to try to meet a 2k5 release date, only to realise that they had plenty of time to get it in around all the other delays. Poor Buggers.

Update 2:
Oh wait, I get it! Windows Vista as in View as in “if you look at it juuust right with your head cocked like this, you can juuust detect the 3 new features…”

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  1. Yeah, I was thinking about it some more, and I reckon they would be better off dropping the Windows name altogether. Big call, but you know, Vista is the thing outside the Window…the long-view…the destination…


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