DECT The Halls

Uniden DECT PhoneAfter installing wifi in the house I discovered that it shares the 2.4ghz spectrum with our analog cordless phone. This turns what was barely bearable reception into something that sounds like having a conversation through a packet of weetbix.

So after some research, and with some trepidation, I got myself a pair of DECT phones.

I was trepidatious1 because they still use 2.4Ghz. But by gods the clarity is clear as a clear thing on a clear day. Plus it’s all digital goodness, which means when you set the name of one handset to ‘Bedroom’, it appears on the other handset (in the transfer menu etc.) as ‘Bedroom’. You can also copy the phonebook from one handset to the other, and the caller ID thing works with the phonebook to display caller names, with different ringtones if you want.

On top of all that, you can take the handsets away from the base station, and look like a total dork by using them as kinda walky-talkies to talk to one another. Get your DECT on. I highly recommend it.

Footnote 1: Trepidatious: v. in a state of trepidation (What? It’s a perfectly reasonable word surely?)

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