When Not to Rant

Oops. A blogging Microsoft recruiter has got herself into a bunch of hot water over a ranting post about the interaction between hiring managers and recruiters at Redmond. A lot of what she says is probably pretty spot-on:


My latest tirade revolves around Hiring Managers … Not only do they not seem to understand that brilliant software engineers don?t grow on trees (you don?t, do you?) ? but they can?t seem to get it through their heads that 1) Microsoft isn?t the only place hiring, 2) Working at a big company isn?t everyone?s dream, and 3) Redmond is not the first place people say they want to move when they wake up in the morning.


But she also gets a little bit petty and bitter:


Quite honestly (maybe here is where my tirade kicks in), I?m sick and tired of the Hiring Managers around here not trusting their recruiters. Hi there ? news flash. Guess what? I probably have a higher IQ than you (yes, I just went there), and I ?get? it. Trust me. They pay me the big bucks to be an expert on hiring for the company. You do your job; I?ll do mine. Plus, you don?t see me getting in your business every time some Microsoft program crashes on me, do you?


Robert Scoble has said several times that Microsoft’s corporate blogging policy basically comes down to “Be smart”. I’m afraid to say that the post in question was not smart. The post was picked up by C|net, and it appears Gretchen (the blogger in question) is still trying to oil over the troubled waters, while at the same time boasting that the outcome was good.

Regardless of the result, the post was poorly thought out and comes across as pretty damn unprofessional. I imagine this is the kind of post that all companies dread, and is the reason why some have strict blogging polices (or in fact outright bans). Does it help the conversation to air dirty laundry? I don’t really think so.

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  1. Ha! I just read this, then remembered to pop over to your blog… http://online.wsj.com/public/article/0,,SB111748967859946439-lyDSWAT2rsOktwsVXgMQ7NQQV2U_20060531,00.html?mod=rss_free

    Silly Heather. Not such a high IQ after all… unless this was a fake ranty post to make the blog seem more real? Like a meta-blog… or… ARGH! BRAIN HURTING!

  2. Hey Jasmine. You could swap the word ‘outcome’ with ‘result’.

    I’m actually not sure if you’re having trouble with english, or just making a very subtle joke 🙂

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